It is imperative that enterprising businesses adapt and embrace digital disruption to stay competitive and remain relevant in today’s changing market. Many enterprises have already started adopting cloud solution, subscription-based licensing, consume software as a service (SaaS) and transitioned to centralized hosting and development in cloud platform to capitalize business efficiencies.


Business enterprises and organizations need to integrate and exchange data and business tdocuments with many different internal and external systems, cloud apps and on premise systems, either from customer, vendor or within different departments with different data formats, technologies and connectivity. This and yet the need to be agile in adapting to ever-changing business rules and requirements.


In summary, enterprise application integration (EAI) is challenging and complex! Hence, we are introducing an SAP solution to simplify and tackle your integration challenges:



Seamless integration processes and data in real-time across applications, 3rd-party solutions, vast connectivity, transformation and routing capabilities built in SAP Cloud Integration.


Save time and effort by using pre-packaged integration flow. Pre-built by process and data integration expertise from established skilled experts.


Flexibility to build custom integration scenarios to cater to any business integration requirements following enterprise integration pattern best practices.3


Quickly automate flexible decision logic in new and existing applications using SAP Cloud Platform Business Rules.


Bring SAP Business Suite data to cloud and enable access to SAP Business Suite data securely using SAP Cloud Platform OData Provisioning.


Create business networks and enable cross-company collaboration to discover, explore,
and test available APIs quickly and efficiently using SAP Cloud Platform API Management.


Simplify and securely connect Cloud and On-Premises Systems using SAP Cloud Platform Connector.


Integrate social media content like user profiles, social posts from into central platform. Example social media: Facebook, Wechat, Twitter, Gigya and sprinklr.


Integrate sales & service data from SAP/non-SAP system into central platform. Example: Corporate accounts, leads and opportunities, activities, Quotation, Order, Returns, and Business Partner data from SAP C4C, SAP ERP, SAP CRM and other non-sap solutions.


Integrate with Google Analytics to gather web-tracking data like campaign id, page visit into central platform.


Integrate with customer landing page, web-based form to gather user profiles, marketing permission into central platform.


Integrate market data & survey data into central platform. Example survey data from SurveyMonkey.


Integrate with Google AdWords to launch paid search campaigns.


Integrate with Social media like Facebook, Wechat, Firebase, Sprinklr to launch social campaigns.


Integrate with Email & SMS Service provider to launch Email & SMS campaigns. Example” Amazon SES & SAP SMS 365.


Integrate with SAP XM, any DMP/DSP to launch Ad campaigns.


Integrate with Sales management system to trigger sale persons carry out sales automation activities, e.g. sales visit, call & appointments. Example SAP CRM, SAP C4C system.


Integrate with SAP Hybris Commerce platform, to deliver personalized product recommendations, context relevant e-commerce experiences.


Integrate with any existing or newly build custom integration solutions in both inbound and outbound, using SAP Cloud Platform integration services, API management, OData provisioning, Cloud connector & business rules.

In summary, SAP CLOUD PLATFORM INTEGRATION SERVICES provide enormous possibilities and flexibilities. It enables business enterprises to easily integrate among enterprise solutions internally as well as interact with external outside world solutions. It creates innovative solutions and gain competitive advantage to stay ahead in today’s digital disruption. Thus, not only to survive, but to grow and thrive!


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