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From getting leads to digital marketing, let Byondwave take your sales team to the next level with some easy steps you won’t be able to live without. Digitise now and enjoy sustainably improving sales without the hassle.

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Detailed Sales & Lead Dashboard

Real-time dashboard provides overview of new leads, converted leads, billing number and sales order number.

Product Promotion Campaign

Customise product promotional campaign with personalise email template and scheduling bulk emails to selected customers group.

Auto Lead Distribution

Reduce overhead of manual work by setting up assignment rules (such as round robin or load balancing) to automatically distribute leads among the team.

Lead Traffic Analysis

Out-of-the-box reports to monitor team performance and analyse the lead traffic or sales stage of all prospects.

Sales Pipeline Management

Real-time view of important sales and marketing opportunities. This helps to craft a strategy to increase lead-to-deal conversion rates.

Automatic Quotations

Beautify quotations and keep documents consistent with custom print format templates (using HTML or Jinja templating) and one-time configurations.

Content Marketing

Use email campaigns for targeted marketing, send bulk emails to your customers with beautiful newsletters, and reap the benefits of your campaigns with granular analysis of lead sources.

So, How Do YouAutomate?

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