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This Is How YouAutomate HR

Let Byondwave upskill your team with new skills, manage your KPIs, handle payroll, and generate pay slips at the click of a button. No more messy paperwork, just digital ease.

Rest assured, our system is designed to comply with local regulatory requirements such as KWSP, LHDN, and PERKESO, ensuring the safety and security of all payroll services. Automated file submissions eliminate the need for manual input or calculations.

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Make HRAbout The People

Talent Acquisition

Manage hiring with an built-in recruitment tool that lets you plan manpower requirements, publish job openings on your website, review and email applicants, and store documents.

Employee Onboarding

Manage the onboarding of new employees, create department or designation-wise onboarding templates for defining task assignments.

Employee Lifecycle Management

Provide overview right from onboarding to exits, transfers to promotions.

Employee Self-Service Portal

Provide portal login for employees to create leave requests, claims & expenses, preview salary slips and many more.

Employee Training

Schedule training events for your employees, which are automatically linked to employee calendars so everyone can view scheduled trainings and plan their to-do lists accordingly.

KPI Management

With a built-in appraisal module and dashboard of essential HR KPIs, you can keep an eye on employees' journeys and process salary hikes and bonus for top performers.

Expense Management

Manage expenses, travel requests, and employee advances efficiently. It helps managers to see all employee expenses in one go.

Automatic Attendance

Flawlessly integrates attendance tracking with payroll and leave management.

Leave Management

Configure leave management options for each department or business unit and provide centralised leave summary ledgers, which give a transparent view of all employee leave information.

Shift Management

Allow employees to manage various shifts, be it for them or their team. Manage shift requests and visualise schedules using the shift calendar.

Attendance Validation

Monthly attendance sheet with drill-down filters or view a summary of total present/absent days, late entries, early exits, and leaves taken for each type.

Time Sheet Verification

Automatically calculate employee salary based on the number of hours that he has worked for on a particular project.

Payroll Management

Automatic payslip generation based on time sheets (with automatic validation), salary components, and salary structures.

Payroll Period & Tax Slabs

Easy configuration of payroll period and tax slabs based on different criterias.

Payslip Automation

Design your salary slips with the appropriate breakup and understanding of the compensation as a whole with a drag-and-drop print format builder.

Bulk EA Form Generation

Generation of bulk EA forms with one simple click.

So, How Do YouAutomate?

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