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Make project and task management a simple affair by listing tasks, self-responding emails, automation of billing and more with us. Minimise mistakes and boost productivity with Byondwave!

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Kanban View

In kanban board setup, you have a board as sticky notes which is divided into section which represent different stages of execution or realization.

Calendar View

Calendar view also shows the task and the planned number of days it’ll take to complete. However, this one shows the task spread across your regular calendar.

Task Gantt

Break down your project into bite-sized tasks and assign them to your team for improved collaboration. Assess project progress and efficiency with clear scope and priorities, estimated timelines, and milestones.

Task Assignment

Create and assign tasks to your employees. The system will automatically add the tasks in their to-dos to keep assignments and task-tracking hassle-free.

Daily Timesheet Summary

Select a specific project and date range in the filters. Details of the Timesheets logged by any Employee for the selected Project between the range specified will be shown.

Time Tracking

Capture resource costs and billing to get insights on project profitability. Directly link work to payroll to process salaries instantly.

Project Billing Summary

Helps to analyze the billing per Project and Employee between a specific period.

Budget Variance Report

Stay on top of project budgets and expenses with accurate, current insights. Plan the cost for each project phase, allocate budgets against projects, and see how much of your allocated budget has been spent — all at a glance.

Email Prioritisation

A unified trail of all correspondence and auto-replies for incoming emails, you can count on smooth communication with all stakeholders (be it the internal project team members or external clients).

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