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Manage perishable assets, know where it is and keep track of depreciation with Byondwave. We help reduce loss of profit by maximising productivity through automation, information management and ease of sales.

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Never LoseGains Through Assets

Manage Asset Lifecycle

Manage asset lifecycle includes status of an asset, custodian, location, warranty and insurance, depreciation and depreciation schedule, asset transfer, scraping, selling and movements, and more.

Integrated Inventory

Scan barcodes with device camera for blazing fast search, faster outputs, and data-driven decisions based on assets' availability, locations, and more.

Asset Purchases

System directly creates a record for the asset, based on the information stored in the item master. Depreciation methods, schedule, insurance details and more can be updated with a few clicks.

Asset Sales

Sell assets that no longer need, there is no overhead of maintaining accounting books, since the system will auto-create those journal entries, keeping the process quick and seamless.

Depreciation Management

Configure depreciation schedules for various categories of assets, and watch the software auto-calculate the depreciation amount or dates and create accounting entries.

Asset Disposal

When an asset is no longer needed, it can be scrapped with just one click. The accounting entries are handled by our asset management software so the process always stays smooth.

Value Adjustment

If the value of an asset increases or drops off suddenly, it can be recorded using the Asset Value Adjustment feature.

Asset Reporting

Identify bottlenecks, monitor performance, and improve service delivery with reporting features.

Quality Inspection

Implement quality inspections to ensure the correct stock leaves or enters the warehouse across orders.

Unlimited Warehouses

Create unlimited warehouses to keep track of not just actual warehouses but also rooms, rows, shelves, and bins.

Landed Cost Voucher

Update landed costs to include shipping charges, customs duties, or any other additional charges.

Manage Returns Easily

Be it for sales or purchases, returns aren't pleasant. Returns record can be tracked with just two clicks and stocks will be updated automatically.

Avoid Inventory Shortage

Never worry about stock dipping below a certain level. Set a threshold and automatically generate material requests to replenish stock.

Stock Picking

With the Pick List feature, it provides total control over which serial numbers or batches to use when fulfilling orders.

Verify Large Stock Movements

When sending or receiving valuable stock items at warehouses, use the Stock Entry feature to let warehouse managers confirm the receipt of goods at warehouses right from the system.

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